Since the majority of items we sell are vintage, some of them will likely show some signs of wear or fading. This is part of what makes each piece unique, each item has it’s own story to tell. Some of these items have survived since the 70s and 80s, and thankfully have avoided spending the rest of eternity in a landfill.

Because of this you might find a scuff on the sleeve of a sweatshirt from celebrating a little too hard when a local American Football team won a game in the 80s, or maybe there will be some slight fading on a fleece from one too many ski seasons in the 90s.

 Anything substantial will be noted in the description, but if you have any specific questions please contact us using the floating chat bubble on this page and we’ll be happy to help.

Size Guide

Sizing varies a lot depending on the type of item, year it is from, and where it is from. Because of this, we apply a standardized sizing guide for all items.

The sizes you see on our site are listed to be the same as current mens sizing and measurements. We size up each item individually and use our best judgement to give it a size based on current mens sizing.

What this means is that if you would usually order a size ‘L’ for mens clothing on any other website, then you should order a size ‘L’ from us.


Please see below for rough measurements in inches for tops:


  • XS: Chest: 34-36, Low Waist: 30-31, Hip: 34-36, Overarm: 31-32.5
  • S: Chest: 36-38, Low Waist: 31-33.5, Hip: 36-38, Overarm: 32.5-33.5
  • M: Chest: 38-39. Low Waist: 33.5-35.5, Hip: 38-40, Overarm: 33.5-34.25
  • L: Chest: 39-41.5, Low Waist: 35.5-37, Hip: 40-42, Overarm: 34.25-34.5
  • XL: Chest: 41.5 - 43, Low Waist: 37-38.5, Hip: 42-43.5, Overarm: 3 4.5-35
  • XXL: Chest: 43-44, Low Waist: 38.5-40, Hip: 43.5-44, Overarm: 35-35.25

If you have any further questions about specific sizes, please contact us using the chat bubble on our website.